Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First step

I'm touching consciousness
As deep sleep meets stumbling feet

Dreaming with closed eyes
Yet perceiving with fingertips
Nourished by our synchronized laughter

You accept my advances
In exchange for my half-lidded embarrassment
Entranced by our broken lullaby

Second step

Hits my surface like lightning
With the tingle of our potential
Penetrating my rod bones


Back into bed
Static clings to my clothes
Sheets tangled in intricate designs
Begging for something more


Determined to have you
Catching up to the steps I want to take
Walking turns into flying
Without the dream world
Feeling the air swept up in my skin
The cool turns into warmth
A front I'll never forget
Under you
My back bounces against the surface

I wake
With outstretched fingers and numb toes
Following wishes hardly obtained

Might as well go back to sleep...

Against the Odds.

Shuffle the deck
Let's even our chances

(I already know I'm winning)

You don't even look

I keep my cards in check.
I don't wanna throw my ace in any hole.

I want my hand
To play the keys on your heart
Bluff until my eyes give me away

Forget the deck
And deal
With me.

Challenge my chances
Until luck fades
And love runs out

With nothing more to bet
Than a well-played heart.