Monday, October 19, 2009

My life in a few sentences.

Fell in love with a boy. Yes, a boy. Cutest thing I've ever seen.

Problem: He's taken and leaving for the Navy soon.

Solution: We fill our work shifts with craziness and laughter. And we'll be pen pals after he leaves.

Still carless, but that should be changing soon. In the meantime, my social life is pretty much nonexistent.

I'm glad I still have a job during the school year (first time doing so), but most of my earnings are going to go towards said car and college stuff.

I feel like I've retired from writing poetry. I don't have those overflowing inspirations as much anymore. Hmm.

The end (for now).

Random Haiku

Fingertips through hair
Sex created the texture
Natural instincts.

Inside Joke.

I want to complete you
Like sentences dying to be written

Phrase your words carefully
So I can fit your punch lines
Just right

Create our own language
(Inside private thoughts)
Outside typical vernacular

Tongue tricks trip the typical
Turning laughter into love:
The perfect translation.