Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lawd, I never thought I'd be backtracking with this one...

For my summer American Lit class, we could write a poem (any type, any form) for extra credit. However, my teacher said he'd give us more bonus points if we wrote sonnets. I've been slacking, so I decided to tackle the 14-lined monster. It's a mess, but one of the lines is pretty inspiring (well, more inspiring than the uplifting tone). Just guess if you like.

(Hint: It's the only line that sounds like I wasn't chopping words off the block.)

Anyway, enjoy.

Love can't be me now, so I try to gain
Wisdom, Confidence, Self-Respect and Trust.
Right now, life is about ducking the pain,
Hardened shells and pride a definite must.

Sentiments lead to cemented heartbreak,
A heavy burden no one wants to lift
Including myself; I must give and take
Before I surrender my precious gift.

The dream is over and the deed is done.
My life is lonely searching for truth,
But I won't have to live without the sun,
Its glow presenting the luck of my youth.

My chance to find purpose, find what is right
For me, and soon enough I will take flight!

Though I'm not a big fan of end rhyme, I should tackle this form poetry. Maybe it'll bring something new to my arsenal.


Chanel said...

Oh I like this! I like the Sentiments/cement line.

Anonymous said...

i liked it. very much so. =D mi favoritaaaa