Sunday, July 26, 2009


So my 21st birthday occured on Friday. I went to class, then my sis and I went and ran some errands. Some relatives came over (basic tradition of telling stories about the days me and my siblings were born and eating cake) and birthday money trumped the shit paycheck I'm getting at the end of the month. Then my bestie picked me and my sis up and met some of our friends at Applebee's.

My friend Michelle and her boyfriend got there before us. The DeAnna sauntered in maybe 20-30 minutes after. Then Ebony and Rebecca got there extra late, but it was okay because by then I had a couple of drinks in me. And now I will tell the rest of the story via complimenting pictures:


First drink - Hurricane


Second drink - Pomegranate Martini...loved it!


Third Drink - White Peach Sangria...that was pretty good too.


I did this a lot at the table...signature laugh face.


Fourth drink - Mango was okay.


Not as many people came as I thought...damn Facebook events. It was still fun though.


One of my friends decided to be generous enough to buy me a shot and a half of Patron..nastay.


My method of masking the taste.

who's drunk?

Which one of us is tipsy? You'll never know...


Shannon wrapped my present in newspaper...can we say trife?


This is my favorite pic...second to the lime pic.

There are more, but you get the gist. For my Facebook friends, there's a lot more pics up there.

Some of these are cut off...just click on the pic to see the rest.

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riva. said...

Congrats!!!! I see you drank it up LOL! *sigh* I didn't get drunk on my 21st bday....i'd been drinking so long before that...i just wanted to sleep when the day was done lol.