Monday, July 13, 2009

Life is a (hopefully) gradual process.

Hey all. For those who don't follow me on Twitter, I guess I gotta update for y'all every once in a while.

I'm about halfway through my second summer class and it's pretty fun. I feel like going to an HBCU and taking classes such as African-American Lit really opened me up to some viewpoints I never really saw as a girl living in Hickory. Poetry-wise, I'm focusing my whole individual project on imitating/being inspired by different time periods. We went around the room and talked about our projects, and my teacher suggested that I study all the forms, for example, if I did slavery, I do a confessional of sorts. It fits too because I'm currently reading Hottentot Venus, which is all about slavery.

I've been way too lazy in between all these classes. I need to read the bare minimum for this class plus read for Thesis in the fall. I also probably need to do some extra reading.

Anyway, I'm at work (boring as hell) and I need to get ready to close this place up.

Any twitterheads should follow me. Name's curiousluvchild . Duh.

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