Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty of Nature. (condensed 15 min library version)

I have a confession to make...

I love hair.

I mean, I always have...well, permed hair I guess at first. Now I've decided that I really want to know my true roots. I haven't had a relaxer since June and hopefully I will never get one again. I want to renew what I have lost from all those chemicals. I used to have thick and long hair back in high school and I don't believe I appreciated it for what it was, hence the gels and sprays and grease that led to my eventual downfall.

Hair is somewhat equivalent to pride. It builds confidence, gives one compliments, etc. And that doesn't apply to solely the straightened texture. I've realized that natural hair is beautiful (and I can't stop touching my own).

I stopped blow drying my hair back in March. I'd rather lose hair the natural way. I don't own a decent flat iron, so I embrace the mini fro I have on the front of my head.

I hope to do a big chop by the end of the year or whenever I feel comfortable with getting rid of my straight hair.

People want to say that natural hair is harder to handle, but there are plenty of amazing blogs with hair tips and the like, so I'm ready. I'm not one to do much with my hair styling wise, but I want to broaden my horizons.

Maybe I'll start a hair blog of my own...*shrug*

For now, I just want to know the truth...without the creamy crack.

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