Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Overflow: random stream of consciousness thing.

How much will it take for me to overflow? It's enough to make me wonder of what you have to offer. Your talents may be a close match, but will you tend to other habits? With me, you could be lucky, but my conscience may compromise my emotions. I may shiver with the thought of you in summer, but my feet are covered and my heart is used to the temperature. Spike the mercury to your liking, but my heart has had it all. Maybe not you…but maybe it'll be the same. Difference being you dying for attention while I live for space. There is no chase. We sort of fell into each other's existence and thrived. The sun blinds our eyes as we beg for rain to stick to our lips. Moist kisses in bathroom stalls bring us back to the reality of lust.

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