Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shy Flirt?

For the longest time, I never thought I could catch the eye of someone who is extremely attractive (athletes, popular dudes with 20 girls at a time, etc.) Why? Because I've been overweight all my life. Apparently, I thought that people who fit in that category have the guys they can go for while everyone else can have each other. Trust me, I had (and still have) pretty high self-esteem, but that didn't (doesn't) mean I'd always get the guy (or girl).

These days, anything is possible. Even "ugly" girls/guys can have crazy swag. That's why they got your man/woman.

Roughly, we all want someone who has confidence, intelligence, and is easy on the eyes. Of course, him/her would want the same in return (in most cases).

I like to be approached. Maybe I'm lazy, but that's how I am. Once the ice is broken, I can talk a mile a minute. Trust me.

Maybe I'm just afraid that people I'll approach won't give a damn. It happens. We all have different goals and paths in life.

Some friends have definitely shown me that taking initiative is key. It's easy to say that most dudes are oblivious, but that show of confidence eventually helps you out in the end.

This is our trial and error period. We talk, we live (possibly love) and learn.

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