Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I believe nervousness shifts personalities into twitching choatic beings.

My attempt at an original title...yeah.

I'm inspired by my confident indifference towards Mr. Semi-Summer '08. I don't care about not being friends anymore, but I just can't look him in the eye without thinking about past feelings (not so much past feelings as just the simple fact that I was once close with him). Most times I just avoid the dude period. We act like the other is invisible unless the situation we are in is absolutely impossible to do as such.

It's almost like I don't even see what attracted me in the first place. That phase was interesting. I just appreciate someone who likes me for who I am. If that means spilling out my heart recklessly, then so be it. People are who they are. We transition for better and for worse. I see the positive because once the next long/short-term interest comes around, I know what to do as well as what not to do.

I just want to prove myself now. I can do better, smarter, and more consistent.

Try me.


Notorious Nikki said...

long term/ short term... amen... either way a lesson will be learned... Love is a battlefield. For some of us it is very fleeting! Don't even worry, I love myself so much, I'm in a relationship with myself. Sometimes that's the way to go!

Ziggy Za. said...

"It's almost like I don't even see what attracted me in the first place. That phase was interesting."

That's called growth.
oftentimes when we go through changes, there will be instances where we either a)wonder wtf we were thinking or b)decide that stifling our own growth is necessary...but only for temporary happiness.

just be glad you took it as a lesson, and know that you'll definitely be prepared next time around!