Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, we did it America. Not just Black America. Every color, creed, etc. helped out for the better of this country.

My contribution consisted of canvassing on Election Day, hanging info on people's doorknobs and making sure people voted. Some were annoyed, some were proud, and some had a lot to say. There were a couple of people who were still uninformed of their voting area, so our help was needed. My greatest memory (besides seeing the news of Obama being the new president elect) is giving an elderly lady voting information and the way she beamed when she saw Obama's face on it.

I was ecstatic when they finally showed Virginia as a blue state. That color hasn't showed up here since 1964. HU definitely played a big part in that and I'm proud that I played a part in that. And overall, every vote counted. The popular vote was 51 to 49. That shows that the voting process was extremely fair this time around, even though it was still chaotic.

I was at my friend's house when we found out the great news. Shay was in complete disbelief, but I believed it. It still almost seems unreal.

Most of us are either proud or fearful of what happens next. I'm more of the former. Of course we all wonder what the McCain supporters are going to do.

And Americans aren't the only ones celebrating. Obama is appreciated worldwide. That tells us something.

For now, we can countdown to January 20th and see the change come gradually. All I know is that I'm glad to be existing in this everchanging world.


Ziggy Za. said...

I'm glad you were one of the countless young people who helped to get the word out about this election. Every vote definitely counted, and we made sure ours did!

Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

word, props for the effort in helping change america and the world.. i like the blog, peace!

YOU LOVELEE. said...