Monday, November 3, 2008

My mind is filled with unfinished poems.

I had a lovely Homecoming weekend. I'm just glad I have the friends that I have, or else I'd still be the hermit I was freshman year. One of my friends dubbed me the "low-key popular chick." I don't know how to feel about that lol.

My current (mostly nonexistent) love life has been taken over by vicious bouts of jealousy. One girl is completely taken and I'm fine with that (mostly). She wants me to write a poem about her and I'm working on it. No's nothing emotionally unreasonable.

Girl #2 is single, but I know she still has feelings for the girl she used to talk to. I could see it when we were all hanging out on Friday. I got drunk for the first time last night and all I wanted to do was be next to her. She was the one who gave me that push into that side of my sexuality, so I guess I'll always feel some type of way about her. Just a few days ago, we finally talked about what happened. Apparently she was going through some things, so she apologized for avoiding it. She said I was really cool and no matter what happens, she can see us as being good friends. I want something to happen. I'm not sure if it's my feelings or my curiosity talking. It's probably a little bit of both...

I don't really have any main guy prospects. Mr. Gorgeous is a long shot. I may start small, like the senior who asked me to dance many moons ago. Whatever I end up doing...I honestly just want some attention. It's been a little more than a month. I think I feel like since I'm more social, I should be getting more action. It's still hard as hell for me out there. I'm going to try harder, that's for sure.

I got a Homecoming bonus from my aunt and uncle and I spent half of it already. I had one of my best friends come with me, and he helped me out a lot. It made me realize that looking extra good is expensive as hell. I'd rather just be chill and be me with the occasional surprises in between. We'll count Saturday's outfit as one of those surprises. I probably won't bust it out until after I get my hair done this weekend.

I'm anxious for Tuesday night. In between, I will be participating in the Oh So Political Film Festival from 11 to 8 today in the Student Center. It continues tomorrow, but I plan on helping out with the Obama campaign. We're going to go to various poll areas and make sure everyone votes. There's a lot of scams out here and we have to make sure every registered voter votes without the mess. Hill Harper came at the last minute tonight to encourage us to do what we can now. I've already voted absentee, so I can now focus my energy on everyone else.

And those are the main things on my mind. Stay tuned America.

Make a difference and VOTE!! Peace.

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