Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A boyfriend at my fingertips?

I am anticipating a future of complete laziness. Even now we barely have to move to get in contact with people or have access to certain objects. A favorite tv show, the newest hit song, the perfect boyfriend...

I just recently joined a dating site for kicks. One of my best friends decided to sign up, and it's completely free. "Why not?" I asked myself. It wouldn't hurt to get back in touch with some boys.

I instantly received numerous hits and quite a few welcome messages after I signed up. I even instant messaged a couple of hopefuls (who messaged me first). I gave one my number and he's been texting here and there. He called me at 2am last night, but I was in no mood to talk to a stranger that late.

Even with the possibility of meeting the perfect guy, we all hide behind these online personalities. Lucky face shots will get guys' attention, but what about those that don't make the cut? How many guys would actually stick around if they knew I was bisexual? There's always those deep dark secrets that are kept inside at surface conversation.

And how many times do we look at a myspace profile pic of a boy and think "He's the one" at first glance? Hardly ever. As romantic as I am, I don't believe in love at first sight. Infatuation...yes. Anyway, I haven't seen any drop-dead gorgeous people yet (at least in my area). Isn't that the point though? A networking site for mostly average people who can't get laid on a regular basis...

Of course, I consider myself being above average. It's hard to find people on the regular walk of life, so here I am trying to see what I can find beyond the mall trips and local Starbucks runs in my hometown. Maybe there is someone out there who understands.

In the meantime, I'm just living my life. If I find someone, cool. If not, at least I can say I tried something new.

Because of the demands of my sexuality (lol), I'm not sure if I could do a serious relationship now anyway. I guess if I find that person, then sure. For now, I'm just going to stay with the safe "dating" status.

I thought this was going to be more profound. Oh well...

Subject aside, I'm dying to go home for Thanksgiving. My dad's supposed to pick me up later today. I need to start packing...

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Ziggy Za. said...

LOL; people hide behind personalities in real life too. How much does that suck? =\

"Isn't that the point though? A networking site for mostly average people who can't get laid on a regular basis..."

LMFAO. Maybe.