Monday, May 11, 2009

The Block.

Brush the dust off this paper
Reteach my right hand to write
Riddles of romance and
Identity inquisitions

I know you missed my left side
Lifting the ego
While digging humble toes into soft sand
Breathing emotions into your psyche
Making you feel
Instead of just sightseeing

Find me
Carefully Chosen

Wrapped up in multi-dimensional metaphors
Crying for understanding
This simple complexity
Delivered in subtle power
Will test the time
Between love and logic
Beautiful and sublime

You and me.

Because my telling is pointless
Without a listener


The one who told me to
Dust off the block.


Pro's Hood said...

Goddamnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! lol may i respond to this piece? loved it!!!

Anonymous said...

AHHHH shit!! i love this!!! ooooo weeee! read this whenever we go to an open mic...PLZ lol....-fav