Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello all. I haven't disappeared completely from the blogger world. I just have no wireless net access at home so I've been having many a rendezvous with the public library as well as other free sources of internet.

I'm currently working my butt off (Saturdays are my only off days so far) and excited about getting my first summer check tomorrow!

I do need to spend more time on my craft since I have more "free time." I also need to finish unpacking and start looking for a better job. Also, I need to see if I'll be able to live in my friend's apartment next school year. That would be a dream come true for real.

Anyway, I'm past due for chillin' at home.

Give me opinions on my last post!

Love y'all!

1 comment:

Chanel said...

Hola chica. Nice to hear that you
havent completely abandoned your readers over here! :-)