Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Palm reading.

I feel like I could compose a poem solely from the reading I received last night.

According to my bestie's coworker, I have a very strong fate line. And yes, I do feel that a lot of occurrences in my life happen for a reason. Lesbianism would've been far from my mind had it not been for a tiny curiosity that occurred at the end of my freshman year in college.

Money-wise, I will be making bank, but I have to spend my money wisely. Recessionistas know what I'm talking about.

Relationship-wise, I've already had three relationships, which is absolutely true. And my palm reveals that my next relationship may lead to marriage. Hmm...

I'm supposed to have twins and another kid in the future. I don't really think about kids much, but I know I want at least two. Two at the same time however...I'm not sure about that.

I have a very strong life line as well.

Supposedly your dominant hand tells what should happen while the other hand provides an alternative. I like what my right hand tells me more anyway, so I'm good.

I'm at work and the lunch rush should be here at any time, so I'm going to sign off.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Ms.Corprew,
My name is Jada Corprew. I was on twitter & I punched my last name in & a picture of u came up along with a couple of other people that share our last name. I also noticed that you are from virginia & so are my family but we live in new york. We don't have an normal last name so I was thinking maybe we was related. I guess when you get the chance get back at me on twitter. My email is or