Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby calm down!

One of my friends is getting on my last nerve. She is a budding feminist, which I can tolerate most of the time. However, it is times like these when she needs stop blaming the male human race and look at herself as a person.

First off, I can't stand people who generalize. Every man in the world has not done you wrong. Every man does not incorporate certain habits just because their Y chromosome told them to. As long as labels exist, we have this problem.

Secondly, isn't feminism supposed to empower the female? I don't think one is a true feminist if she spends 95% of the time downing men or complaining about men just to make her feel better about herself. And if you're a true feminist, how would you let a man completely ruin your day? He is not living your life. You are. And if plans fall through, make your own. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy being you. Find someone else who is ten times better to occupy your time. And if that can't happen at the moment, take the time to make a better you. You are not perfect and every human being is in that same boat with you. Take time to get to know yourself. Change what you can change and LOVE you. I hate to see you like this. Take every negative in your life and find at least one positive. Progress...don't suppress.

The End.


Little Miss Knobody said...

I agree. I think that feminism is supposed to be more about empowering women, rather than just bashing men. I think a lot of feminist forget that.

random said...

I agree w/ Little Miss Knobody. That's the main reason why most feminists fail and get no respect.

Anonymous said...

feminists are one track minded.

they need to get it together. period.

you gotta help ya friend out before she hurt herself.

riva. said...

Nahhh. She's just a man hater.

Real feminist focus on issues quality between the sexes...

These new age girls just dont get it...