Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wakin' up at 4 am 'cause lately sleep ain't been my friend...

Whew! What a week being absent from blogging! Some of the end of the year work pile is done, classes are over, and I have a potential summer boo!

The only thing that may be killing me is this deep sleep headache...

I feel deprived considering I haven't written a poem in what seems like ages. Most likely I'll flush one out today.

I guess I'll entertain myself with an end of semester to-do list:

-320 paper
-314 paper
-study for exams
-clean room
-attend conference
-don't be too lazy
-call auntie
-call grandparents
-call old boss (I will be back in the workforce a day after I leave. Trust.)
-pay PC dues
-have fun on campus while I still can

That's pretty much it. I should be touching down again soon.

In the meantime, if you haven't added me on twitter yet, then...shame on you!

Maybe you'll see the boo up there... ;)

Good morning loves.

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