Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My default poem

Disclaimer: This is not a personal poem in the sense of this happened to me. That's all. Enjoy.

Blind Submission

I'm staring into this space called life
But my vision is blurred
In black and blue
Bruises to my pride

Your fingerprints on the side of my neck
Leave me

A love song choked of life
A ballad torn from emotion

Clothes torn as
Casualities of your anger

The fire in your eyes
Makes me wanna disappear in a cloud of smoke

But what did I do wrong?
Why am I your bleeding target?

Because of you
I face the world with
Fresh scars under makeup
Drowned in tears

I'm living a slow death
Raised by brass knuckles
And verbal warfare

This is me...

Surrendering in the corner
To the soles of your shoes
Marking my body with rainbow colors

Blood kissing the hard floor

But all I can see is white...


P.S. I just auditioned with this poem for the Black Extravaganza. I have a good feeling about this...

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