Monday, December 15, 2008

Star Light Star Bright (serious work in progress)

It started off with a simple nursery rhyme

One night

She whispered wishes out her window

In hopes of curing her quarter-life crisis

Daylight brought an unforgettable opportunity

Of obtaining the first man

Reminiscent of fairy tale heroes

Confidence opened her heart

She expressed her dreams

While he was stuck on reality

Though they met mindsets on love at first sight

By sunset, she knew she found the one

She promised herself

First star she’d see tonight

She’d thank it

For the death of may and might

(Though her gratitude was for naught

At least for tonight)

Now she buries her head in pillows

So the stars won’t hear her cries

Blinding balls of light

Searing flesh under unsuspecting eyelids

Every touch from him

Choking her

Suffocating thoughts

Resuscitating fear

In trails of trampled emotions at his feet

Surrendering to nonexistent gods

Who would inflict such pain

Scarring a precious life

Just because she believes in

Star light star bright?


Compliments/comments/criticism is greatly appreciated!

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