Saturday, December 6, 2008

Refreshing Cadence.

I feel like those two words sum me up right now. I'm that girl that you want to be around.

I'll make you laugh and smile. People who don't do those often are not living life properly.

I'm intelligent. Chat speak is cool in the few necessary circumstances. I don't think it's cute when you're trying to impress an intelligent person like myself. Saying that you're the baddest whatever and you're making that money doesn't impress me. That's why I end up surpassing a lot of people on networking sites. I think if you're making something of yourself and you're trying to make a good first impression, you wouldn't do that.

I'm real. What's the point in getting to know people when you're putting on a fake image? I'm just me. I mean, I am reserved at first, but if you show interest in me, then I'll return the favor. And what's with people not saying what they mean? If someone tells you to call them, he/she should mean that. Opposite day is not cute.

I'm gaining confidence in myself. Ultimately, if I don't feel good at the end of the day, how am I going to get anywhere? I've had confidence since I started writing poetry. And it's showing now. During my audition, I had so much command in my presence that was above any performance I've ever given in the past. They even asked me if I wanted to act.

Refreshing, no?

Alex actually mentioned the word cadence while we were waiting to audition the other night. I have an interesting rhythm with words. And I also just go to the beat of life. Whatever comes, I accept it. Life's rhythm is what you make it, am I right?

Last night, I went to Carrabbas for a birthday get-together. One of my friends asked everyone what they wanted to accomplish in 2009. We were just talking about how I fell hard from the gym fix I had spring semester. I mean, there's nothing wrong with being comfortable with the way I am. I've always been used to being a plus-sized girl. I probably always will be, and I have no problem with that. I just need to be healthy. That falls under my main goal, which is changing for the better. I still have some things to work on. I'm so glad that the people I care about can see how much I've grown and matured into the person I am today.

I'm not sure if I believe in alter-egos. Every part of me is still me. No need for fancy names. But maybe a name will come to me one of these days. I actually like the word "cadence," so maybe I'll stick with that. Suggestions Alex? Lol

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Notorious Nikki said...

LOL... Girl! Yes, that spoken word is too serious.And as far as cadence goes you know i was a band nerd. If you don't have a natural rhythm it kinda takes away, i guess it is almost like swag(it contributes to your presence.)
I will be in the gym with you, except i am tying to get a dunk. lol... but at the same time i wanna keep the waist small. I might win us some tickets to an event next semester! lol