Monday, December 8, 2008

Lessons for the Boys

Subject line aside, I'm extremely happy. If this man keeps impressing me, we may have a situation on our hands...and I think I'd like it a lot.

I've interacted with quite a few males within the past couple of weeks. I've been impressed as well as practically sick to my stomach when checking them out (pictures + profile). Here are some rules for impressing me (and probably every girl with a good head on her shoulders):

1. Have an opinion. I don't just want admirers. I want us to talk about the arts (poetry, music, etc.) and anything else under the sun. Surface conversation doesn't do it for me anymore. For example, there's this one dude who loves me and is already talking about how wonderful it would be if we were together. First off, you've never seen me before in life. You only have a handful of pictures to go off of, and 95% of them are head shots. I sent him the poem I posted last week and all he can say is "that's a beautiful poem." I can't accept that. I am deeper than that. Goodbye.

2. Read my profile and prove that you read it. Okay, I'm not going to give you a reading comprehension quiz, but come on. Not everyone wants to date someone simply because he/she is a 10. I surely don't want that. Get a feel for who I am. Most of the basic questions you want to ask are already answered on my profile. If you ask me a bunch of obvious questions in a row, I'm going to know that you didn't read a damn thing. You lose points for that.

3. Going beyond the picture. My picture does not define me. If I were to take a picture of every angle, chances are a lot of people wouldn't respond to specific ones. I already know how important appearance is to some people, but I'm more than that. You can't tell me what type of person I am based on a cute smile. Looks are deceiving. I'm an exception. I have a pretty face with a personality to match.

4. Know my limits. At the bottom of every profile, there are specific guidelines in order to contact me. The age range I'm interested in is 18-26. Please tell me why this 28-year-old man still tries to contact me. There may be exceptions to the rule, but for now, I'm sticking to my limits. Please respect them. It's not you, but then again, maybe it is...Edit: (2:20-ish) Dude just tried to message me again. Honey, give it a rest...

5. Have at least a high school mastery of the English language. You already know how I feel about chat speak. It's not attractive to me. It's okay if you didn't go to college. It's not for everyone, but I need someone who is at least close to my level. More than five spelling errors may subject to complete evasive action of your messages.

For the most part, I'm just looking for friends. I feel like things may go deeper with one particular friend, but that's an exception to the rule. That's another blog topic that I may touch on in a few days. I'm just going to let this new feeling marinate a bit for now.


Ziggy Za. said...

I loved all of the rules, but this part cracked me up:

I can't accept that. I am deeper than that. Goodbye.

stick to your guns, girl. Good stuff.

Notorious Nikki said...

ha ha.... I too loved the rules... especially the one with "chat speak"... we had this convo lol