Friday, February 20, 2009

Anti (do not) matter.

How can something so tangible
Fade to black?
The looming shadow took its form
And wrapped me like a winding sheet
Controlling my actions
Inhibitions torn in broken poetry

See the cracks in similes
Mangled metaphors smeared on my face
Like leftover toothpaste

Wiped the marks off with rationale
And closed my eyes
Felt the world around me
Thoughts fused together
And everything made sense:

Your shadows mean nothing.
Intangible like antimatter
Your particles rival mine
Our contact results in unnecessary creations
Equivalent to dust on a new shirt:

You can't touch me.

And even if you became solid again
You'd still be hollow as a drum
I'd make beats on your empty thoughts
Using them for the talentless on Billboard charts.

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