Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unseasonable weather = unseasonable taste.

A semi-warm front has hit the East Coast for a bit and I am not complaining. I could deal with the 60-degree weather attire: T-shirts, short-sleeved hoodies, and even a few dresses in between. But of course, with the unexpected weather shift, there comes the ones who shouldn't have walked out of their house/dorm/apartment with their ensembles in the first place.

I guess all I can say is "Fishnets, skirts, and muffin tops, oh my!"

I still don't understand it. I'm a big girl. I'm smart enough to cover my midsection and rock a smooth, yet still curved figure. Some people need to invest in the sit-down test: When in the fitting room/your private room, put on a shirt with a regular pair of jeans and sit down. If the shirt reveals any rolls or back fat, the you probably shouldn't wear it in public. I don't know. That just seems uncomfortable to me. I know I'm not perfect, but I try my best to rock shirts/jeans that fit and that I can breathe in. I just can't stand seeing girls getting up and walking out of the classroom showing places where the sun (or any form of light) shouldn't shine. Jeans can be another problem. We all know about the low-rise jeans trend. I feel that you have to be a certain size to show those off as well. If a girl has any form of a gut, most likely she shouldn't wear a shirt that just hits the top of her jeans or wear supertight jeans and come home with a dent in the bottom of her stomach.

Bottom line: Cover it up. You'll have less stress that way. It's okay to take risks, but make sure they're practical.

End rant.


Chanel said...

lmao.. Ahhh the muffin top. I have one and im not afraid to say it. But i defintely know how to dress and rock my body the way it was meant to be rocked. I just saw a girl out today, had to be a good 250. Had on a small t-shirt that stopped right below her belly button and a pair of tights. TIGHTS!! *shakin my head*

Anonymous said...

i agree completely. lol. muffin tops make me want to gag.