Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some of my lovely quirks.

I've done the 25 Random Things list on Facebook that spread like smallpox all over the site. Lately I've just been thinking about tidbits that barely anyone but me know about. So here goes, my heart:

1. I love taking a hot (non-scalding) shower every once in a while. I like how the heat makes my skin feel more vulnerable. I feel like I can see the red undertones in my skin as well. Makes me proud of my Cherokee Indian heritage.

2. I haaaate the sound of squeaky brakes/wheels. They practically surpass the annoyance of car alarms.

3. If I have a song in my head, I tend to keep the beat with my fingertips when I'm bored. I also try to guess which fingertip the last beat will land on.

4. My glasses are a part of my face. I feel insanely weird without them, so I will probably never switch to contacts.

5. I can't sleep well in a bed/couch other than my own. I also can't sleep (75% of the time) with the TV on or if my roommate is moving around in the room. Also, hunger affects my sleep as well.

6. When I'm bored in class, I tend to draw and/or write random words in cursive (as opposed to writing in print like I usually do). I usually just try to draw at random, that is not knowing what I intend to draw as soon as my pen/pencil hits the paper.

**I may update this list, so be on the lookout.

At the moment, I'm elated because I'm done reading for my two hardest English classes. The other night, I had so much reading to do I thought my eyes were going to cross. I'm also insanely tired at the moment, but I'm at the laundromat with my friend so I plan on starting my class journal.

Good day/night.

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after link ...come again and I enjoy your post :) great nice 4u and drop :) smile 4u