Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rant poem. (7/30)

Tension builds around my heart
In conjunction with walls and mantras
(Supposedly my protection)
Pushing myself into being
Too good for most
When I may just be a hypocrite
Like most

Judging people by surface conversations
Instead of taking time
To find gems underneath
But who has enough time
For those awkward situations?

The tapping thumbs
While pretending to listen
To ramblings about nothing

Or loving the build
And hating the brain

Or finding commercial
In what you thought was complexity

How many does it take?

It's like a game:

Tally up the hit and runs,
Mindless crushes
Love of lusts
(So listless it needs its own scoreboard)

And we get nowhere.

There's no psychic palm reader
Who can tell me
When I can find that one
Beyond the crowd

So now I'm stuck
Between fate and consequence.

(Written in the HU registration line. Why not subject to cynicism? And yes I am a day behind...oops lol)


Chanel said...

Ohhh I like this. Definitely feelin it. Very deep and your descriptive word choices are on point. Check out my poetry blog (i have like 4 different blogs, u can check em all out if u like) and tell me what u think.

Anonymous said...

-its shawtie busa bus leavin u some loving- wow....i love it. i do. there are those of us that like to look for love hence the quote 'seek & you shall find' but take 'patience is a virtue' into heed and let it rest there and let the infamous ONE come to you instead of you lookin for it. shoot im not even gonna look this year...well mayb a lil...but i dont want to b so focused on that LOVE thing like i used to be. lol...but i DO love the poem. i love ur work giiiirll!!! =D