Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pain is pleasure.

S&M? Nah, not today...

I can't remember the last time I had the flu. My immune system used to be boss to the point where I would have like one cold a year. The flu was practically unheard of in my house. Now I'm on my second sickness of the school year. Maybe germs have upgraded or maybe I'm just unfortunate to have sick friends (and roommates) that I happen to come in close contact with. Anyway, I've been aching since yesterday. My friend gave me some meds but I'm out, so I'm waiting for my dad to come over later so he can hook me up. For now, my legs are giving me hell. Seems like they hurt worse when I'm not moving them (laying on the bed, sitting, etc.) but whatever.

I'm glad tomorrow's Friday (aka Poetry Day). I can go straight to sleep after my last class if I wanted to.

There's a writer's workshop tonight and there's no featured poet. The bestie wants me to do it, but I dunno. Maybe I'm just making the excuse because I'm sick. I know I'll probably have an automatic feature next year because I'll be a senior (omg). We'll see how I feel by then. I'll print out some stuff just to be sure because we all know how draft versions look in the notebook.

Anyway, here's a poetic tidbit that'll hopefully satisfy the palate. I wanna go somewhere with it...

No need to reach for the stars
Actually, they envy me
Secretly wishing on my constellation
In hopes of becoming a reincarnate
Of love's revolution.


Anonymous said...

ok... keep your S&M to yourself, dear.

riva. said...

nice quote.
incredibly nice.