Saturday, March 14, 2009

Change [my] world one day at a time.

These bad habits need to stop (eating because I'm bored, procrastinating, etc.).

Looking at my midterms grades then closing the window as fast as possible made me realize that I need to gradually settle into a better lifestyle.

Here are my goals for the rest of the semester:

-Save money like it's going out of style (rich is the new broke)
-Study like my Facebook status depends on it (that'll get me)
-Get up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and go to the gym (gotta get my metabolism going again)
-Stop being so closed up when I don't feel comfortable (no more social "safe" zones)
-Be assertive (and aggressive when appropriate)
-Don't let any boy or girl I like/love/can't get my hands off of get in the way of my dreams (well duh)

And so on and so forth...

I'm going to explain this to my friends so they can build up the motivation so I won't fall off as fast as the average person.

Best wishes to me and to you, the imperfect people I love.


riva. said...

I can SO relate.
This sounds much like my Junior Year as well. However, your goals sound like they'll be extremely beneficial to the rest of your college career. GOOD LUCK!


Ziggy Za. said...

Good luck!
Neither goal you listed is difficult to obtain, just stay focused, and as you said make sure you stay around positive people with the same mindframe.