Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Diet/Exercise Blog?

I'm thinking of making one as opposed to wasting trees on various lists of food. I'm a blogger whore anyway, so why not?

Feel free to post any cute blog title ideas or concepts.

So far, I'm functioning on about 3 hours of sleep with no nap in sight and all I've eaten today is a banana before class and some Ramen noodles afterwards (cram lunch as I finished my paper due at 2). I'll probably get some food after this class considering the fact that my stomach is still growling as I type.

I plan on prepooing (conditioning before shampooing hair) and such once I get back to the room, and then air dry.

Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight so I can have another good workout in the morning. I have a buddy now, so I have that much more support.

Good day.

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