Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day One of World Change.

I'm going to start a food journal once I find an old notebook. But for now, here's my first day's progress:

Breakfast: Cherry pop-tart

Workout at 9 am - about 18 minutes of walking/fast walking and 15 minutes of biking and like 5 minutes of weight lifting (chest press and some other arm thing)

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, mixed fruit, banana, salad, water

Snacks: Strawberry Vanilla Chewy bar, Gushers, and the occasional Jolly Rancher

Dinner: Chicken wrap, Caesar salad, peaches, banana, and like a 1/2 inch worth of cheese potatoes... and a bit of ice cream (soft-serve vanilla)...oh and water

Post-dinner: Lil' bit of my friend's cheesy bread (already feeling the junky effects of it) and a can of mountain dew

...not bad, I guess. I was just extra tired while trying to do this essay, so I was trying to stay awake for a bit. I'm ecstatic because it didn't take much for me to wake up early when I didn't have class until noon. As long as I keep this up every MWF morning, I should be good. I have gained too much weight this past year and I need to be more aware and what I eat and binge on.

And so it goes...

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