Sunday, March 29, 2009


Never again will I have a ham and 3-cheese omelet from IHOP after getting drunk just a few hours before...

So we all have our significant hook-ups. Some people hold their firsts close to their hearts. Honestly, I really don't. I can't remember a play-by-play of my first time with a guy and my first time with a girl wasn't all that special.

Girl #2, however, rocked that thang like...(excuse the elementary language, but it's true)

I saw her tonight at the club and I danced with her until they kicked out all the underage people. I just feel so comfortable with her, but our attraction doesn't go beyond the sexual, and I'm fine with that. She has a girl now, so I wouldn't cross the line with her...even though she was sexy in that blue dress.

I first stumbled into her when I went into the bathroom and I saw another girl I knew as well. They were talking and somehow got tangled while #2 had a lit cigarette in her hand. Somehow the burned end touched my forearm and it started hurting like hell. I have a burn mark there now, and it's like the physical version of the impression she had on me. I will always remember the way we came together: How splayed hands demonstrated our drunken demeanor, the way she said how beautiful I was and sounded ironically sober, the way I dance like a pro only with her...I could go on, but it's an amazing feeling, even though I'm not emotionally attached to her. I can't imagine how I would've defined myself if I hadn't experienced anything with her.

I couldn't get this feeling from a stranger. Perhaps this is something I've always wanted in someone (well, one of the main factors).

If I wasn't so drunk, I'd feel a poem coming on.

For now, I'm just waiting for my food to settle so I can go to sleep peacefully.

I did start a poem at the house party Friday night though. Keep your eyes peeled.

Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun-filled weekend.

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riva. said...

hmmm and where would you be partying exactly?