Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Experimentation without the possible STD's.

So recently I've gotten into experimenting with my hair. I'm sitting here with my hair bagged (in a shower cap) and full of V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Creme condish. I'm trying this brand out for the first time, and this is the second time I've prepooed. I'm probably going to do so on a regular basis now because I've heard wonders about it. In about 10 minutes or so, I'ma wash this out (after roughly an hour of leaving it on dry hair), apply some of my medicated dandruff shampoo, co-wash with the same condish, then deep condition under blow dryer heat for probably 30 minutes. I'm going to apply a bit of the V05 condish as my moisture leave-in along with my Infusium protein leave-in.

I'm addicted to reading about hair care now, and I hope I can get on a regular regimen by the summertime.

Will post the verdict later.


Chanel said...

So how was it? Im experimenting with a new hari regimen also. Using a shampoo called follicleanse that's suppose to work well for people with chronic (and i mean CHRONIC) dry scalp. And i'm using aphogees's two minute keratin reconstructor and balancing moisturizer. So far the results are really great. Very soft & bouncy. I also just started using Organic Root Stimulators Hair fertilizer and its really good too. Not oily at all but gives great protection.

Anonymous said...

wow... i didn't realize you did that much with your hair...