Friday, March 13, 2009

Scraps of a romantic psyche.

(let me add...I should go blogging in Starbucks more often...Doing so with a black tea at my side makes me feel like more of a writer.)


My mind is filled with your heartbeats
Blood pounds to their rhythm
Served in senses
To touch bases with your understanding

I crave the scent of precious sex
Permeating pores
Seeing the impossible turned reality
Through eyes of imagination

I want to taste you
Outside of dream barriers
Sift fingers through your hair
Then gradually sway them lower

Hear your inhibitions dwindle to a whisper...

Feeling raw screams
Penetrate layers of confidence
Forgetting the found
While taking in lost pleasures

Once you mold your identity into mine,
Beautiful collaborations will coexist.


We started off on shaky ground
An attraction that led to new epiphanies
Free love to comfort a once close-minded heart

Now a complement to my romantic light,
I hope that our power
Can surpass a sunset's allure
Drawing in people beyond
Beyond beaches and backyards.


Birds and bees no longer apply
I attract ones with wings like my own
Since shooting stars lined up at my door
For dances with possible fates

Long gone from a cage,
I drink from exotic places
And imagine green skies and blue grass
Wondering if people would see the world differently
If we would still believe in hate
For those who chase meteors and comets
Instead of stars
Even though they share the same light.

(Okay, which ones are more promising? And suggestions for continuation/revision are always welcome.)

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Unknown said...

they all are great. my favs are the 2nd n third one....but they all have potential. u rock girlee!!