Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally Finished. (9/30)

You close in on my heart
Just as fast as anyone I've ever loved

For once the script is flipped
While my heart pumped blood
Behind the scenes
My mind fell in love with you
As soon as you told me I was beautiful
On that drunken Saturday night

Where I stumbled into a new world
Of smooth skin
Soft hair
Beautiful lips
And aggressive hands

A touch I've felt twice
And maybe never again

As I sit here
Jill Scott tone running through my head:

"You're getting married?"

Five years and two worlds separate us
But honey, you drew me in like no other
I only remember you
Out of all my nightly affairs

Apprehension never lingered on fingertips
As I tapped text messages into your psyche
Hoping that you'd still remember me
On those lonely days

But I digress...

No need to save face.


(I feel that I'm bs-ing this thing. Ah well.)

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