Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Send the Pain Below. (14/30)

**finally, one done on time! lol. Please be honest and constructive. Thanks.**

Scar tissue pushes walls
Over the edge
Wishing you saw the pain
Etched under this fragile skin

Starting just as naturally
As gravity
Pulling the liquid down
Our desperate throats

Inhibitions floated
Dissolved and sank
Drinking up the sight
Of you and her

Swaying with the knowledge
Of playful love

We made music with fingertips
Before voices could even

Process notes
Tips to palms
Palms to thighs
Singing high with low frequency

We harmonized with each other
You, me, and she
Two sopranos and a baritone
Naked voices
Pumping syncopated rhythms
Into my system

Filling me

A pain so good
I pushed into myself
To feel more of it

A selfish desire
Never doing justice in poetry

Only in your history
You can find
This pain that sends me
Over the edge.

1 comment:

Las Vegas Open Mic Comedy said...

it's visual to me. the poetry line throws me off a bit but other than that, it's pain, pleasure and something else...