Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breaking Heart-Chains. (halfway mark! 15/30)

Wish the simple scent of you
Could cure ailments
So I can feel alive and well

Spent my life with a mind of gold
And a heart of stone
Held lighters to both
To see if I could feel


Mix desire with spite
Concentrated on the fire
Rather than the corrosive fluids

So now I put love on acid
To feel it

Bubble and battle amongst itself

Complex chemical reactions
Fire off at nerve endings
Heighten blood pressure
Peel away layers of pericardium

Promoting open heart surgery
Without the scalpel.

Fists full of tissues
Wondering why the pain masks itself as bliss
Bleeding the color of passion

Coursing through my arm
Climaxing through my fingertips
Releasing the pulpy burden

Exchanging emotional death
For a tissue-free life.

1 comment:

Las Vegas Open Mic Comedy said...

wow. that's tight, but harsh too. but i LIKE it.

no more tissues