Thursday, April 16, 2009

Overslept. (16/30)

Stifling snores
Waking up to too much sunlight
Too many voices tapping at my window
Clock readings
Shock me out of bed
Frantically stabbing eject buttons
To escape from half-sleep
Flinging clothes at limbs
(Any will do)
Because I'm out of mercy checks
No mirror checks
Corners of eyes and mouth
Caked with laziness
Falling out the door
Forced to powerwalk on cemented legs
Paralyzed in dream analysis
Running into a fellow latecomer
We exchange 20-second stories
In the elevator
Laughing off the stress
Before falling silent
Entering class
Pupils soak us in like the excess sunlight
Dripping hot messes
Into our seats
And the daze begins.

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