Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guess I should start up this challenge again...

I have so many unfinished poems. I need to get inspired quick. For now, we have the first installment of the Poetry Month 30/30!

Please don't tell me
That true love is only found
By simple 5-second scannings of personals

We live in a world of computer love
Internet euphoria
One keeping it real
While the other fabricates fables
In myspace angles

Behind bright resolutions
Lies a girl who longs for understanding
A duality she only finds in novels
Citing symbols to shape her heart





Ziggy Za. said...

Right! Damn that Facebook love! Let me get some face time!

LOL, loving the poem; glad you restarted the 30/30!

Anonymous said...

i say damn the DL love...LOL...but i love it!!

its yer fav hug whore commenting away....*HUGS* i just didnt feel like loggin in...