Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going on to St. Elsewhere.

It's been a while since I've said/blogged something significantly profound.

I caught on to the universal addiction that was "Crazy," and even put the St. Elsewhere album on my computer. I listened to it, but it just sounded weird to me at the time. Then the summer of '08 came, and a friend of mine re-introduced them to me via their latest album, The Odd Couple. Of course, the very first time I listened to it I had other things on my mind besides song meanings and such. Eventually, I loved every song for its unique portrayal of emotions that everyone can relate to.

Like I've mentioned in earlier blogs, "Going On" has two meanings in my head. That's one of my all-time favorite songs of theirs. I just started really listening to the first album beyond the trippy beats and voice changes. I was listening to the title track and instantly formed a connection between that and "Going On." (The musical/poetic English major in me) I still gotta work on it, as I haven't listened to "St. Elsewhere" nearly as much as "Going On."

GO (Going On) is more of an aggressive statement. The loudness of the rock influence preps the listener for something powerful. Cee-lo sings about leaving someone he loves so that he can progress on his walk of life. Clearly the individual he is speaking to is slowing him down. Life is ultimately about leaving people behind that are bringing us down. That song is my anthem. It really got me through the burdens I had during the last half of '08.

SE (St. Else) has a more relaxed vibe. He left town, and he clearly misses his love as he wants her to visit him. This song describes the setting more as opposed to his journey like in GO.

How do they connect musically? If you listen closely in both songs, you'll hear a certain vocal nuance. I'll leave that up to any dedicated listener.

For now...I'm out. I'll edit with more insights when they arrive.


Ziggy Za. said...

Let me just say, both albums are classics! I hope you've listened to all of "St. Elsewhere", you won't be disappointed.

My favorite line from 'Going On': "Anyone that needs what they want, and doesn't want what they need; I want nothing to do with..."

It's totally my life!

Healingprose said...

Oh of course I've listened to the whole thing! I didn't give it a chance back in the day. You should see me when Gadget Gospel comes on! Woo!!

Little Miss Knobody said...

I love this album!!!