Sunday, April 12, 2009

[some] Boys just don't understand.

I had another memorable night that probably won't repeat itself anytime soon. That's another subject though.

I know I'm "new" to the lesbian/bi lifestyle, but I'm already experiencing some of the bothers that vets can attest to left and right, the main one being the fact that straight boys think they can be that renewing and/or lifestyle changing factor.

Instance #1: One of my boy friends asked the threesome question to me and my good friend a few weeks ago. He didn't even have to finish asking the question before I started rolling my eyes. I mean, I'm sure some girls may be into that, but I could never imagine doing that.

That makes me recall a certain topic that was brought up on The L Word during the first season. A random cop was telling one of the male characters about the power of woman-to-woman contact, about how they already know what turns them on because they are built the same. That's probably one of the most memorable scenes to me, as it was also hilarious the way he worded this lesson.

Instance #2: I was hanging with some of my lez girls (and my straight girl friend) at a mutual friend's house. Her nephew asked me if I "stay dykin'." (the grammar dork in me went crazy over that on the inside, and mind you, we were all pretty drunk anyway) I didn't answer because one of my friends started interrogating him in a funny defense. Later, on our way out, he asked me and I don't quite remember what I told him. He dubbed me "confused" and told me that the right man (supposedly talking about himself) could change that. I just laughed and walked out the door as he made his way to the bathroom. And I thought he was cute before...

First off, I believe that sexuality is fluid. I don't believe I am in that "confused" stage anymore. I'm quite aware of what I like and what I don't like. One cannot "turn straight" simply by having relations with the opposite sex. I don't care who you are. If your heart and mind don't come into the mix, it means nothing.

Also, earlier I was just talking to this boy who clearly digs me. I was trying to tell him the least possible without divulging too much information about last night. I told him I "loved on some women" and he asked me what that meant. When I told him, he responded "So you gave head?" ... Like that's the only things that two or more girls do.

I'm tired of talking about this lack of knowledge. The end.

I also wonder about the straight girl's perception on gay men.

Feel free to express any thoughts.

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