Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I feel wide awake. This isn't good. I have a full day ahead of me.

I really wish I had something profound to blog about.

But I don't.

Random tidbits:
-I'm a bit under the weather (be damned if I have the flu again), so I'ma got back on my vitamin game. Just drank a bit of apple juice, which has Vitamin C so that should help a bit.

-Currently feeling "Whipping My Hair" by Rihanna. Never thought I'd say "feeling" and "Rihanna" in the same sentence.

-Tomorrow is Peer Counselor Orientation. I'm glad that I made it. I thought my interview sucked personally, but I guess not so much.

-Besides my healthy apple and orange juices, I vow to drink solely water. I barely drink soda in the first place anyway.

-I am in love with Sam Sparro. Check out his feel good music!

-I hope Blogger won't be down for too long today. I need more comments on my latest poetries.

The End.

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