Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready for the challenge to be the best (me).

I believe I am overlooked way too much. I'm too great for you to just bypass me as the shy girl who claims to be a poet. Y'all already know how amazing I am, so this statement need not apply.

Anyway, this is cramming month and I have loads to do between now and exams. A lot of what I have to do depends on my diligence and discipline as opposed to just attending class and obtaining information.

Even with all that current and oncoming stress, I'm going try my best to finish this monthly poetry challenge. I've felt like I haven't been close to my craft like before and I've learned that sometimes inspiration has to be forced. For example, I wouldn't have written a poem about my neck cramp earlier if I hadn't had one at that moment (still coping with it). I've had some poems on the backburner for a while, and I'm hoping to flush and bring them out as well.

Anyway, this cramp is killing me. Despite the gorgeous day, I'm going to lay down in hopes of the pain subsiding at least a little bit.

Enjoy your day, my dear.

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